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Join us in serving the people of Lantz and neighbouring communities!

We have openings on our roster for volunteers!
No prior training is required; we will train you in all areas necessary - FREE of charge.


Did you know...

- Lantz Fire & Emergency Services' firefighters are all volunteers?
Our team is composed of 100% volunteers who carry pagers and respond to emergency alarms when they are home and available.

- Some firefighters don't fight fires?  
Many members volunteer to assist only in medical emergencies or take part in community/fundraising activities.  Some may choose to respond to all calls, but limit activities they are not comfortable with such as not wearing breathing apparatus or not climbing ladders. 

- Members of Lantz Fire respond to emergency calls outside of Lantz?
We also attend scenes throughout East Hants, HRM's Musquodoboit Valley, and Colchester County from time to time. 


Benefits of becoming a Lantz Firefighter:  

- Meet friendly members of your community - Lantz's finest!

- Free training in emergency services (firefighting, medical, etc)!

- Active Volunteer Firefighters receive free VFF licence plates!

- Benefit from the Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit!

- Wear your Lantz Fire & Emergency uniform with pride!

- It looks great on a resume!

- Take pride in serving your community! 

- Be a local hero!



Requirements to Apply:

- Be a resident of Lantz or Barney's Brook, Hants County (Lantz Fire Dept's coverage area).

- Be 18 years of age, or 14-17 with your parent/guardian's permission.

- Submit a completed application along with a criminal record check and doctor's note stating you are fit to serve as a volunteer firefighter.

- Upon the Fire Chief's recommendation, the membership will vote for you to begin a 6-month probationary period.  

- You will be outfitted to begin responding to calls right away, and your activities on scenes will increase as you complete training courses.


The first step is yours...


Visit the station any Wednesday night at 7:30pm for an application! 

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